Friday, March 20, 2009

"Spring" Break

Well for some odd reason Utah State decided to have the earliest spring break ever! Instead of normally being like the middle of march we had ours the first week of march! crazy!

I decided not to do anything too exciting because my mom and cameron were coming the week after for their break. I worked every day from 9-3 and then stayed up all night with blake and aubrei playing yahtzee and skip-bo!!! Doesnt sound to eventful but it actually was tons and tons of fun!! I would have liked for some of my friends to be here but it was nice to just hang with some of the fam! 

The only major downer of the break was on the first day!!! We got 2 feet of snoW!!! it was absolutely ridiculous and i did not enjoy it one bit!! I mean who likes to take 30 minutes to get out of a driveway!! Not I!! haha

I wish i could put pictures of it on here but my camera is dead! =( sad.  I left my charger at home over christmas so i havent been able to take pictures for 2 months.  but it shall soon be in my possession today!!! My mom is cambo will head to the good ole UT tonight! 

Im way excited for them to come!!! It will be interesting to see if they like our "warm" weather!! the past week it has been sooo nice!! and i never thought i would be one of those people to say that 45 degrees was warm!!! But boy howdy i tell ya it is!! 

Much Love!! 

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