Monday, August 30, 2010

Typical Situation

Today was the first day of the new fall semester here at Utah State University.

::Thoughts of the day::

Too cold here.
Too many freshman.
I love my friends, old and new.
Class is class.
Rain sucks.

So to look around on the first day of school goes a little something like this.

-The typical freshman girl-
+ White shorts, bright colored V-neck t-shirt, big hair, ballet flats.

-The typical freshman boy-
+ Cargo shorts, pink Hollister polo: collar popped: white Kswiss tennis shoes.

Basically I hate to even think that I was ever a freshman. Now that I am a //JUNIOR// in college and look down on the freshman in some aspects of life, I don't like the thought of me being one back in the day. Well.... we live, we learn, and then we get love.

Happy First Day of School.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today is the Day!

Today is the day I get to see my best friend..

Her name is Natalie Adel...

Well actually just Natalie..

But I dubbed her a middle name...

I haven't seen her in 9 months....

(That's a pregnancy for those of you who didn't know..)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Must Haves

Well for the last 2 weeks I have been almost completely absent from not only the blogging world, but from the world of modern conveniences. And I must admit.... I don't like not having those amenities....

Let me catch yall up on a few things....
Must haves for utter and complete happiness.

Badlands National Park

Middle of nowhere South Dakota....
It was beautiful

Dearest Kynz

Ugly Cars
We got in nasty wreck...
and got an even nastier car...

Horseback riding in the mountains
I love nothing more.

Yellowstone National Park
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Jack Johnson Concert
Thanks to

Friday, August 6, 2010

Genius At Work

This story is just TOO priceless to not post....

Today, we arrive in Rapid City, SD. It is quite the upgrade from last night in Murdo, SD.... Never heard of it? Ya, not surprised. Google it. You might get a search result..

We (my mom, Jackson and Miles--the nephews-- and I) walk into the hotel room, a rather nice one, and Boy 1 has to make a deposit in the bathroom.

Boy 2 waits patiently on the bed. As boy 1 finished his business he comes out to watch tv. Fine, right? Not so much. --Little side note, he forgot to wash his hands--

Boy 2 is repulsed and wants to wash off the clicker. Fine, right? Not so much.

We then hear the water running in the bathroom. He decided that it would be a really good idea to put the clicker IN THE SINK to wash it off. Oops.... Broken clicker. haha

Most genius child award goes to....... Boy 2!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Here's To You...

Dear Fort Smith,

This is why I'll miss you.
* My mom
* Daisy
(these 2 are a given)
1) my front lawn, looking as perfect and as picturesque as the 18th green at the country club.
2) my children (not biological of course)
3) my martha
4) the drive from my house to Cliff Dr.
5) Pizza Parlour
6) Panera
7) Chick-fil-a
8) skipping church
9) the blistering heat (i will never abandon you for the cold long term)
10) shopping

Until Christmas...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Passing By

As I sat in the allergy clinic this morning with Emily and Lauren, I do believe I heard the funniest thing ever.

Emily gives a heavy sigh. I asked her what was the matter and this was her response.

"I just feel like my life is passing by so quickly."

Although I can't disagree with this statement, we must all remember that this came from the mouth of a 6 year old. I couldn't contain my laughter. That then resulted in Emily crying for 1o minutes because "I made her look like the biggest jerk ever." --Her exact words--

Gotta love a typical monday.