Sunday, August 23, 2009

That's What I Love About Sunday's

Picking out a dress...
Talking to everyone at church...
Seeing a good clean cut boy with a suit on...
Feeling the Spirit...
Being with friends...
Everyone piling into my room to watch a movie in the rain...

All in all.. It was a GREAT first Sunday in my new apartment all on my own! 


Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't you love it when...

...You are sitting literally right next to someone.... and you are on facebook... and instead of striking up a verbal convo with that person.. they send you a facebook chat?  Because i do!! hahah

Its one of my fav things! 
Whether i'm in someone's room, or at the library with Nat, or where i just happen to be! hahah


Instead of making another post i'll just add a PS to this one!! =)

So a quick rundown of my hectic crazy life the past 5 weeks! 
-Came home from the beach.. which was sad..=(

-Lake days= Love!

-And..... My lovely brother got married to his sweet fiance Liz!  Love her to death and i am so glad she is my new sister!! 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Second Home

So today we arrived at my 2nd favorite home!!! Navarre, FL! 

We started coming to this beach when i was 3 or 4.  After a couple of years of coming we stopped =(   it was very sad!!!

But the past 3 years we have come and i love it like no other place!! It is not touristy at ALL.  You have the beach to yourself with no bothers or interruptions! Just you, the sun, and the sand! 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Back in the Fort

Well after being gone from Utah for about 2 weeks, i have come to the conclusion that the Fort isn't such a bad place after all. I haven't done much because Lauren and Emily aren't out of school yet but i cant wait for them to be! I love those kids to death!!

So in my spare time i have been hanging out with my mom... such a great gal. Seeing my brother on occasion but needless to say, he is a little preoccupied with wedding hubbub. But i have to say one of the most fun things i have done since being home is making runs to Sharum's Garden Center with Martha. We have gone a couple of times and i just LOVE picking out flowers! After we find what we like then we go back to her house and spend time together planting. I think i am finding out that i have a little inner gardener in me!! =)
Here are a few of my favorite flowers that we have planted!




Yellow Rose

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dream Big

It is absolutely crazy to see how much in one year a person changes and grows and learns.  College has done more for me than i could have ever imagined it would have! I have made some of the best friends i could have ever hoped for! They are so amazing and such good examples!  I love Utah State more than i ever thought i could and even like living in Utah...which is shocking! =)  


My Beautiful School! 

If i could pick one thing that i have learned and put into my life it is never to give up on your dreams.  If you get a million stumbling blocks thrown in your way, then move then one million and one times! I just love life and want to make the best out of every situation.  

I have seen how much the Lord blesses my life.  I know that He loves me and will always be there for me.  No matter how alone i feel and no matter how hard it is to make it through the day, He will be by my side, holding my hand, as long as i let him.

Christ and Children from around the World.jpg

This song has been such an inspiration to me this year and i would just love to share it with everyone!!! Enjoy! 


"Dream Big"
By Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband

When you cry be sure to dry your eyes
'Cause better days are sure to come
And when you smile be sure to smile wide
Don't let them know that they have won
And when you walk, walk with pride
Don't show the hurt inside
Because the pain will soon be gone

And when you dream, dream big
As big as the ocean blue
'Cause when you dream it might come true
When you dream, dream big

When you laugh be sure to laugh out loud
'Cause it will carry all your cares away
And when you see, see the beauty all around and in yourself
And it'll help you feel okay
And when you pray, pray for strength
To help you carry on
When the troubles come your way

And when you dream, dream big
As big as the ocean blue
'Cause when you dream it might come true
When you dream, dream big

When you laugh be sure to laugh out loud
'Cause it will carry all your cares away
And when you see, see the beauty all around and in yourself
And it'll help you feel okay
And when you pray, pray for strength
To help you carry on
When the troubles come your way

And when you dream, dream big
As big as the ocean blue
'Cause when you dream it might come true
When you dream, dream big

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Day In The Park

Well the sun finally came shining into Utah this week! I believe it reached as high as 60! wooooo!! I cannot wait for the hot weather to arrive!! So Aubrei, Andrew, and I took advantage of the beautiful day and went to the park! It was so much fun! 
He just loved the slide!

..And the swing...

And kissing his Madi-Cakes!! 

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Goal Not Written is Merely A Wish

Most of my time these days is occupied with hustle and bustle and just trying to make it through this semester.  Well on Wednesday night, my thought process changed a little.  


Our institute lesson was called "Charting a Safe Course" and it really got me thinking.  Brother Jacob's started out with an example from Alice In Wonderland.  When Alice is walking through the forest and happens upon the Cheshire Cat.  Alice asks him which road she should take and he tells her it all depends on where she wants to go.  She simple reply's that she does not know where she wants to go and he then says " If you don't know where you want to go then it doesn't matter which road you take" (or something to that effect)  Brother Jacob's then told us to get out some paper and to write 2 goals we wanted to accomplish this year, in the next 5 years, and then for the net 20 years.
And that's when it kind of hit me.. Do I know where I want to go?  I sometimes think, I don't even know what I am going to do tomorrow... let alone in the next 20 years! 

But after I thought about it for a while, it became much easier to think of how and who I want to be down the road.  And if I don't write the things down that i would love to accomplish in life, there is a less likely chance that they will actually happen.  hence the title of this post.

"A Goal Not Written Is Merely A Wish"


Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Fun... It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

So for the past 10 days i have had to joyous pleasure of having my mom and Cameron in Utah! They came up for their spring break and it was tons of fun just being able to hang out with them.  We went shopping and ate more food than i thought was humanly possible! Have you ever wondered why on earth people eat a million times more food when a large number of people are present!?!? it makes no sense to me!!

one night i thought i would be good idea to eat 7 rice krispie treats and a half carton of ice cream.... now i am regretting that decision!!

I am so glad i got to see Cambo and my mom!!! I love them to pieces and cannot wait to go home for the summer to spend more time with them!!
I think this sums up most of the trip!
The Story of my mothers life! =D 
My Wonderful sister, nephew, and "Memo" according to Andrew

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Spring" Break

Well for some odd reason Utah State decided to have the earliest spring break ever! Instead of normally being like the middle of march we had ours the first week of march! crazy!

I decided not to do anything too exciting because my mom and cameron were coming the week after for their break. I worked every day from 9-3 and then stayed up all night with blake and aubrei playing yahtzee and skip-bo!!! Doesnt sound to eventful but it actually was tons and tons of fun!! I would have liked for some of my friends to be here but it was nice to just hang with some of the fam! 

The only major downer of the break was on the first day!!! We got 2 feet of snoW!!! it was absolutely ridiculous and i did not enjoy it one bit!! I mean who likes to take 30 minutes to get out of a driveway!! Not I!! haha

I wish i could put pictures of it on here but my camera is dead! =( sad.  I left my charger at home over christmas so i havent been able to take pictures for 2 months.  but it shall soon be in my possession today!!! My mom is cambo will head to the good ole UT tonight! 

Im way excited for them to come!!! It will be interesting to see if they like our "warm" weather!! the past week it has been sooo nice!! and i never thought i would be one of those people to say that 45 degrees was warm!!! But boy howdy i tell ya it is!! 

Much Love!! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snow, Snow, Go Away

I have become quite used to this thing that folks call winter...until yesterday.

:Let me set the scene for you:
I am supposed to open for work.
-Arrive at 7:45
I set my alarm for 6:15 am on tuesday morning... only one thing... i forgot to turn it on... So i by chance wake up at 7:35.
10 Minutes and I do not work for getting ready!
I throw on a dress, brush my teeth and sprint out the door.  

I get to work (on time) looking like a bum and get everything up an running.  Well at about 8:59 EVERYTHINg goes off.  All the beds, lights, computers, and spa... just turn off.  My fabulous luck.  But never fear all was fixed by the pirate.  (well i wouldnt quite say fixed)

I am surprised i am still living at the current moment.  I mean after all, I was in the store.. by myself... in the dark... with a man who literally thinks he is a pirate.  He had an Indiana Jonesish hat, a red curly mustache that is twisted to the ends (like captain hook) a black and pink polka dot scarf that is so perfectly fluffed it is sick, a black leather vest, jeans, and pirate boots. OH WAIT.. i forgot the best part... His suede eye patch that has a gold skull and cross bones on it. Special huh?

Well i leave work and head to school.. in the blizzard.  It snowed all day long and i had to trounce through it on campus.  I think it snowed like a foot.  Then my friends asked me to go tubing so i thought what the heck! WRONG.... again.  The snow was up to our knees and the wind and snow wear so hard that you couldnt even open your eyes.  Needless to say, it was not as enjoyable as i thought it would be

I am not living by Murphy's Law.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a little update

To love is to risk not being loved in return.  To hope is to risk pain.  To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.   -Unknown

So I have been on a little bit of a quote fetish lately! I love this! and it is so dang true! <3
Well this week has just kinda been one of those that you wanna get through.  Been working a lot makin that dough! aha and going to school.  Trying to study lots and also throw in some ME time! (but that doesnt happen too often!) 
I learned how to knit which is very exciting! I am a crochet guru and love it but needed a little bit of a change! Lindsey and I are going to make some way to things out of a knitting magazine! HA!! So we shall see how that turns out! 

Much Love!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's A Crazy Life We Live

“The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.”  Tom Bodett

I love this quote!! It was on our nutrition test yesterday and i loved it!!  Well since i havent made a log post in ump-teen years i decided i it was probably time.  

Well christmas came to an end and i flew home to logan. Besides from the heinous woman at the Fort Smith airport it was an alright trip.  Although i didnt enjoy going from 80 degrees in dallas to 15 in utah!! It sucked!! I was home for a week and then received the devastating news of the passing away of my grandfather. He was very dear to my heart and the greatest man role model in my life.  I will never forget him and i know he will always be with me! 

After going home for a week, we returned to logan and started back into the swing of things! I got a real job....yes.. i know.  Strange! But i absolutely love it! It is a tanning salon and spa. We have tons of awesome spa products and it is so fun to work there!!! 
School is great and the cold is getting a little more bearable.. but not quite! <3