Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Break Update

Well so I have done horrible at updating over the break so here is a quick little recap!
*Got to Arkansas, shopping, shopping, shopping!
*Watch Emily and Lauren!! <3 
*Marcie's Birthday Dinner
*My sister and nephews moved =(
*Hospital Christmas party where i was the star of the dance floor.. and the lone dancer! hhaha
*Christmas with Mamaw and Papaw... and the cousins
*Playing with Baby Jack!
*Being with my family
*Shopping in Dallas!! 

I cannot wait to start this next semester and see all of my friends!!! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How quickly time passes!

The semester is coming to and end and it seems like it only started yesterday!  Finals are almost over and i will shortly be heading back to the Fort (Arkansas that is.)  And although i am excited to see my family and some old friends, i am terribly sad to leave my new home. I have grown so much while i have been in Utah and met so many amazing friends! I know 3 weeks will pass somewhat quickly but i dont know what i will do without them! 
Natalie will return to Arizona, Whitney and Ginger will stay here, and Melissa is going to Mexico.  And im not sure that i love the idea of Lis being gone for 6 months! AHH!   (They decided to take a little nap!)
At the beginning of this college journey, i was not the most thrilled about Utah.  Most of all because it would be stinkin cold, but also because i didnt want to leave my only home.  But this has been the most amazing experience and i would not change anything about it! I have learned so much about myself and others and that no matter what comes my way and how hard it is i can make it through! I like Utah a whole heck of a lot more than i thought i would! =D 
This past sunday  Whitney, Ian, Creighton, and I went to Salt Lake to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and it was really good! We went to look at the lights at Temple Square and it was a little on the chilly side! but no as cold as logan! When we left SLC it was 44 degrees and when we rolled into logan it was 29!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas break! 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

*Let it snow!!*

Well as soon as i say it doesnt snow.... it does!
It was a lovely site to see when i woke up! i am sick and tired of it just being cold.. if its gonna be bitter cold there better be snow on the ground!!! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's December and still hasn't snowed!!!

I am amazed at the fact the December has already rolled around!! I have been through an entire semester of college and it feels like it has only been a week! Crazy!! but something even crazier is that is it DECEMBER and there is NO snow! It is like 45 every day. I cannot believe it! but hey, im not complaining! I love it!
Well the past week was pretty uneventful. With almost every one of my friends being back home for Thanksgiving and me here in Logan... there wasnt much to do! but it was a nice break and very much needed! Natalie wasn't here so that was pretty much like having no right arm the whole week, but we did send here off with a bang!! Shauna, Sydney, Nat, and I "cleaned the sink" at Angie's and might i just say it was quite possibly one of the greatest things eVER!!!! YUMMM! 

I go home in 9 dayS!!!!!! I can't wait! It will be nice to just relax and have no worries of school or... SNOW! haha
Much Love!

I was about to be "Gone With The Wind!!"

I cut Marlee's hair!! (It was very cute!)

The Sink!

And then it disappeared!