Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How quickly time passes!

The semester is coming to and end and it seems like it only started yesterday!  Finals are almost over and i will shortly be heading back to the Fort (Arkansas that is.)  And although i am excited to see my family and some old friends, i am terribly sad to leave my new home. I have grown so much while i have been in Utah and met so many amazing friends! I know 3 weeks will pass somewhat quickly but i dont know what i will do without them! 
Natalie will return to Arizona, Whitney and Ginger will stay here, and Melissa is going to Mexico.  And im not sure that i love the idea of Lis being gone for 6 months! AHH!   (They decided to take a little nap!)
At the beginning of this college journey, i was not the most thrilled about Utah.  Most of all because it would be stinkin cold, but also because i didnt want to leave my only home.  But this has been the most amazing experience and i would not change anything about it! I have learned so much about myself and others and that no matter what comes my way and how hard it is i can make it through! I like Utah a whole heck of a lot more than i thought i would! =D 
This past sunday  Whitney, Ian, Creighton, and I went to Salt Lake to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and it was really good! We went to look at the lights at Temple Square and it was a little on the chilly side! but no as cold as logan! When we left SLC it was 44 degrees and when we rolled into logan it was 29!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas break! 


natalie said...

i'll miss you too over the break! but we will have fun at our homes. :)

Lindsey said...

It is SOOO crazy how fast the time goes!..the break will be over before you know it! The college years are priceless, and I hope you are able to cherish every moment & memory b/c it will be a memory in the past all too soon. I am impressed with how much you've grown the past few months & so glad we've been able to be a part of it! Love you! -Linds