Friday, August 6, 2010

Genius At Work

This story is just TOO priceless to not post....

Today, we arrive in Rapid City, SD. It is quite the upgrade from last night in Murdo, SD.... Never heard of it? Ya, not surprised. Google it. You might get a search result..

We (my mom, Jackson and Miles--the nephews-- and I) walk into the hotel room, a rather nice one, and Boy 1 has to make a deposit in the bathroom.

Boy 2 waits patiently on the bed. As boy 1 finished his business he comes out to watch tv. Fine, right? Not so much. --Little side note, he forgot to wash his hands--

Boy 2 is repulsed and wants to wash off the clicker. Fine, right? Not so much.

We then hear the water running in the bathroom. He decided that it would be a really good idea to put the clicker IN THE SINK to wash it off. Oops.... Broken clicker. haha

Most genius child award goes to....... Boy 2!!

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Kirsten Nicole said...

Ohhhh the logic of little ones... :) Gotta love it.