Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Dark Knight

The sound of spinning wheels are sounding through the room.
Fans blowing to cool the dripping brow of those who occupy the seats.
A cloud of a desirous smell hits harder than a Mac Truck.
I cannot quite pinpoint when or where this musk is from.
Then... it comes.
I am taken back to a day and time far from the present.
This scene is full of pompoms and a roaring crowds of restless fans.
One face stands out in the crowd.
Yes, it is He.
The one who wore, so proudly, his Polo shirt, Seven jeans, and Puma tennis shoes.
That morning he spritzed himself with that wondrous creation of a concoction.
As this Mac Truck continues to crush my sense of smell I slowly drift into the lull of my cycling.
I know this smell all too well.
Yes, it is the Dark Knight.
Ralph Lauren: Polo Black.

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natalie said...

sometimes i wish that blogs had a ¨like¨ button. I would push it. But i wanna know who was wearing this... OH perhaps?