Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nasty Stache...

Ok... one of my BFF's, Brooke, and I have this pet peeve.. it is called "People putting really hideous smilie faces in text messages"

Let me display a few for you.

1) The Winky Face- ;)
2) The Winky Face with a nose- ;-)
::for some reason the nose just gets me.. it is sick.::
3) The Tongue face- :-P
::this one takes the cake.:: PEOPLE>>> DON'T USE THIS! IT IS VERY UNATTRACTIVE!

Now for the next smilie that I will share with you. This was introduced to me a few days ago by my dear friend Landon Pope.. who has a monster stache.. He said that he tried really hard to find a smilie that suites him and he found one. (it makes me want to puke)

4) The Stache Face- ;-{)

Congrats Landon, you win the Nasty Stache Award.


Brooke Shoko said...

maddi b from the block.
i think this made my day.
love you :P
tongue face and all.

natalie said...

oh smily faces. they really aren't good. i don't know why i do them sometimes... sorry.