Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Ya Burfday...

Today is the day that the woman I call my mother was born... She is the greatest woman I know. She teaches me daily and makes me want to be better. She has shown me that ANYTHING is possible--whether that is raising children on your own or getting blood out of something that has been there for 3 years--

We do go at it from time to time... which more times than not is because we are more alike than we realize. She taught me how to be independent, how to tie my shoes, how to make my own lunch in kindergarten consisting of a cheese and bread sandwich, cheetos, string cheese, and orange tang.

My mom is wonder woman (if you didn't know). She can pack a suitcase to perfection and make a mean homemade pizza.

She is currently helping me plan a wedding... which I do believe may be the largest challenge she has yet to face =) I can't think of a better person to help me do this.
Thank you Mom, for being the best person I know and teaching me to always love those around me... even if it isn't what I want to do. I LOVE YOU!

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