Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wife'N it Up!!!

So Tuesday was the first day of my Wifey-ness kicking in. Nick called and told me he wasnt feeling well, so I decided to go down to Bountiful and baby him... (so nice right?! haha)

But turns out he really was super duper sick!!!!

Long story short-- His doctor gave him medicine for High Bloop Pressure (which he doesnt have) but it can also be a preventative medicine for renal failure (also which he has no signs of)... and it dropped his BP so low that he was non functional.

--Hard to breath, difficult to walk, fever, chills, dizzy like crazy... NO BUENO!!!

We went to the ER at 12:30am and stayed till about 3:00am and then just took it easy the next day. Thankfully, he is off the medicine and is feeling much better!!! It was the first of many experiences I will have has a wife (even though I'm not quite yet to that title haha) And I can't WAIT!!!! <3

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Shauna said...

wow. craziness. love your word ''wifey-ness''. classic.