Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Adventures

So i have spent most of the 3 months that i have lived in Utah why the guys here think it is "in style" to wear white tennis shoes with acid washed jeans? I mean come one now... 
I really think that about 3/4 of the male population here wears that and it bugs me!  All i know is that whoever i date better be open to changing his style =D 

On a more positive note, this weekend was tons of fun! Friday we just hung out at Snow and then saturday we went to the basketball game, USU vs Concordia.. whoever that is.  And im not gonna lie, it was super strange to not be on the court cheering.  It was one of the first games i have been to where i have just been a fan in the stands.. and i dont think i like it very much.  I would a million times rather be in the action cheering and performing.  
After the game Natalie, Brooke, and I went over to some friends house and play around the world ping pong (which was SOOO fun!) and watched a little rock band action. We met a ton of new people which is always fun! 

I have a crazy week with 2 papers due and 4 tests so it should be fun! 

Much Love
The Blonde Arizonan Giant, Arnold, and Me!


natalie said...

yay! it was a pretty fun night!
freak. the guys here... blah.
white tennis shoe, light jeans, 5'9, honestly. grow!

Brooke Shoko said...

the blonde arizonan giant
and arnold haha
madison you kill me