Monday, November 17, 2008

Everybody's Workin for the Weekend!

This weekend was awesome! After i finished having my 5 tests i finally got to relax and have some fun! Friday we had a sleep over with the 406 girls.  They turned their room into a "sleeping fortress" if you will.  And we had a huge glowstick party which was tons of fun! Saturday i ventured out and found a new hair person!  i was super scared about switching people but my roots were like 3 inches from my scalp and i was lookin a little white trash! But im soooo gald i tried a new girl because she did a great job and i love it! Then we had some family craft time which was nice! Aubs, Linds, and I made some stuff for Aubrei's party this week.  Saturday night I went with Whit and Ginger to hang out with some really cool guys! We went bowling and be being Miss Grace.. tripped and fell on my first bowl =(  But i played it off well! haha  We then had a dance war with they guys.. and We TOTALLY OWNED! Church was wonderful as always and after that i deep cleaned my room... it was much needed! Gotta love a good weekend! 
Hope the next is as good..which it most likely wont be because Nat is going to AZ! AHH what am i goonnnnna do! hahah 

Ginger, Whitney, and I
The Dance Crew!
Glow Sticks! 

Sleeping Fortress


natalie said...

oh girl.. it won't be that bad. remember you have BP to hang with. :)

Heather said...

Huh...Do you think Ginger looks a little like Jackie?
I'm so glad your having such a good time!!!

Brooke Shoko said...

the sleeping fortress was amazing.
sheesh i can't wait already to get back up in logan and party!!

Heather said...

where are you? you need to update this blog, sista! i want to hear what you did on thanksgiving, etc.