Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On a limb...

Well.. the not so spontaneous, very much so cautious me made one heck of a spur of the moment decision today...

We have Fall Break this weekend ( a whole extra day)
My original plan was to go with one of my top 5, Natalie Sargent, to Provo to visit our friends Quincy and Sara. I was so stoked. I mean it is just Provo, but we were going to make it a BOMB trip.

But then last night had to go and stir everything up! I was hanging with the ever famous duo of Brad and Braden and they throw this idea out to me " COME TO CALI WITH US TOMORROW!"

So.. after much thinking, pondering, polling, and fretting... I chose to go! I am sooooo excited.
1) I have never been to Cali.
2) We are going to Disney Land.. ( I'm a Disney Worlder)
3) We are going to the LA Temple!
4) We are going to the freaking BEACH... end of story. I get to leave the arctic of Logan for the warmth of Cali!

So, I went out on a limb this time and am taking chances and making memories! It will be a great trip!

--Nothing Comes Close To The Golden Coast-- (so Katy Perry says..)

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Brooke Shoko said...

pictures. por fa vor.