Monday, December 27, 2010

Conquering the Fear

Last night was a monumental time for me. For those of you who know me.. you may have heard a story about "thing" named Elvira..

Elvira is the evil ghost that lives in my upstairs. I had my first encounter with Elvira (named by my mom) in the 4th grade. The one and only time I have ever slept in my own room, on the second floor of my house, Elvira paid me a visit and made sure I would never return to that room.

Well last night my dear mother and I came home to a FREEEEEZING cold house. The heater downstairs didn't want to be working. That left the upstairs for sleeping arrangements.. first time in 10 years.
[dun dun dun]

All is well though.. I didn't get attacked by the evil Elvira. One fear has slightly been conquered.

--Well kind of. You would still have to pay me a large amount of money to go up their for no good reason--

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