Thursday, January 27, 2011


So my dear sister Lindsey, whom I love very much, is having a baby. Ordinary you might say, but it is quite the contrary. For the past 11 years she has wanted a baby, but unfortunately that gift wasn't given to her.

This past summer, her and her husband decided to try invitro fertilization... and it WORKED!!!! Miracles do happen.
Last weekend I got to go with my sister to her long awaited baby shower given to her by her dear friend Kim.

It was an experience that I am so grateful for and I am so glad I could see the love and happiness she is feeling at this time in her life.

I Love you Linds!


Kayde said...

Yay for coming back to the blogging world!! I miss you! We are doing a girls night on Tuesday if your not busy we all invited you. miss you maugh!

Amanda said...

Doesn't she look cute! I bet that is so exciting for her and Matt! And how fun for you to have another baby to play with!!!!

Madison Beyers said...

i know! i am sooo excited! it's been a long time coming!

natalie said...

so exciting!

Lindsey said...

hi my sister, you just made me cry. what a sweet entry- I'm so glad you could come (to both showers) & that you've shared in this journey with us! Love you tons!