Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Call me DJ Madi-Slack!

so... let's be honest! I have been more than the average slacker as of late! I don't blog.. mostly due to the facebook stalking that has consumed me =)

So Today.. I vow.. that I will reduce my FB time by 15 minutes one day a week.. to blog. ( That doesn't sound as hard as it is.) haha

Here are a few activities that have kept me busy in the past month!
Went to visit the Gramps in SLC.
Good visit!

Lindsey's 2nd Baby shower!
Lots of sisterly love going on here!
(minus one)
We held our own themed weekend party!
Theme: Toy Story 3
Everyone was assigned a costume... it was dress up or die..
Night Skiing with the Bestie Nat!
Working Mardi Gras partay with the 2 besties!
We all worked in the psychic room.
All I have to say about that business is that I AIN'T MESSIN' WITH IT!
That is some interesting crap.
Like I am a skeptic (don't get me wrong) BUUTTTT
Those ladies knew what they were talking about.. and I believe all that jazz is real. It just
does NOT come from the right place...End of Story.


Blake and Aubrei said...
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Blake and Aubrei said...

I like the name. It has a nice ring to it, but does not fit you. I look forward to blog stalking you more often. Love you!(sorry, I am lame at spelling had to fix it)

Natalie said...

true dat sista from another mista.

love you.

welcome back to blogging. slacker.