Monday, March 14, 2011

G-O'ing all the break long!!

Spring Break. I feel like this is a "holiday" that has soo many pros and a few cons..

1) getting out of Utah
2) seeing the sunlight
3) shopping
4) creating memories, memories, and TONS more memories
5) making new friends

1) coming back to Utah
2) spending too much money
3) coming back to Utah

So here is a quick recap. I went with my Bestie Natalie to AZ!! Heaven on Earth.. No lie!!!
Love this shot... but I was happy to banish the snow from me for a week!

Momma Sarg took us for Pedi's!!

Nat and I went to her brother-in-laws softball game

Boy Chloe (Robbie, nats little brother) finally discovered what was making the
wretched squeaking noise that I was convinced was a
mouse stuck in the car!

To end the week we stopped in Provo and ate dinner with our best friends from
our homelands!!! Love my Brittainy!

1 comment:

Natalie said...

that's right. heaven on earth. Love me my AZ.
great week.

"hey, my friend thinks your cute"