Wednesday, March 2, 2011

UDA: Unconscious Displays of Affection

This may or may not be a semi awkward post, but regardless of the
possible humiliation it may cause me,
I have to share it.

3 nights ago (the Sabbath) my dearest room/bed mate Melissa and I had a very strange experience.

For the past school year we have shared a queen size bed... NBD right?.... married peeps do it all the why can't we?

Melissa, is a sleep yeller/talker/walker/anything-elser you can think of.
She is one who sleeps through her alarm for an hour solid without moving a muscle.
I, on the other hand, am a freight train.
I snore louder than an angry mother grizzly defender her bear cub.

Melissa may be crushing on a boy.. we shall call him CG. So this particular night, Melissa dreams she is holding hands with the one and only CG. I, ironically enough, had the exact same dream. (however I do not have a crush on CG.. good thing because that would just make life more uncomfortable for everyone.)

Let's do the math together.

Melissa+Madison+CG+Dreaming =

Melissa and Madison holding hands.

End of story.





trent said...

aw that's super presh, not embarrassing!

Natalie said...

hahahha! definitely embarrassing.

good thing i'm not sharing a bed with you over the break of spring.

Blake and Aubrei said...

What are we going to do with you silly, twitterpated girls?

Madison Beyers said...

hhahhaha. natalie.. you only wish we were sharing a bed. we can spoon if you like? ;-)

Chels said...

hahaha! This is awesome. Love it.

Kirsten Frank...* said...

Haaaa.... seriously??? Bahahaha. Yes. Please.

Shannon said...

I love you and I love Melissa! Once I was sharing a bed with my sister and she tried to get even friendlier while she was sleeping. I tease her about it to this day.