Friday, April 8, 2011

1 month and counting!

Life is always changing. Always bringing up a new challenge. Gives you joys and sorrows. Life is fantastic... I think I forget that sometimes.

Last time I checked, I was Madison Beyers. A girl going to Utah on a whim for college. Not sure what she wanted to do, and definitely not sure who she was!

I was hit upside the head this week with a world of new realizations.

1) I am going to be a senior in college...
2) People move and friends change, more than one may like.
3) Picking a career is harder than I thought.
4) Love does not come as easy as some may think it does, or that we would like it to.

So this time next month I will be moving home for the 3rd summer in a row. It will be an adventure! A couple of trips will make me one happy girl. Florida, New York, and Texas... what MORE could I ask for.

This month will go by quickly.. perhaps too quickly. But none the less it will come, so I am buckling up and hoping on... full speed!


natalie said...

we are getting SO old. i can't even believe it.
life does change. weird how things go, but there has to be a reason one way or another. curious to find out what it'll be.

i'll miss you my friend. too much i'm afraid.

Shannon said...

lets hear it for new york!