Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Day Down South

This past weekend I had the lovely pleasure of accompanying the one and only Brady Mathews to Provo. We left mid afternoon and headed to Draper and make a stop at IKEA. Now I don't know about yall, but IKEA gives me the biggest sensory overload of my life.. I can appreciate all it does and stands for, but after about 20 minutes, I'm ready to high tail it out of there!

Next we went to heaven. (Oh excuse me, Nordstrom.) We shopped around for a while. I bought a fantastic new pair of TOMS wedges that are grey and cream stripped. Yay.

We then ventured to Mimi's Cafe for dinner and met up with some more friends.

Then, onto the highlight of the evening. We went to the BYU ballroom dance team performance. It was truly phenomenal! It was like being in the presences of Dancing with the Stars and SYTYCD all in one!!! Enough said.
Amazing little Samba... whew!

the Finale!! INCREDIBLE!

After the show, we picked up and went to this little HOLE in the wall of a place called Sammy's. Word on the street was Sammy's was the best milkshake place in town. They make not MILKshakes, but PIEshakes. I. AM. A. FAN!! I had the Apple Cobbler pie shake and Brady got the Chocolate Oreo Cream Pie shake.
This weekend was much needed!! Great shopping, even better eats, and the best quality time with one of my best friends!

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