Monday, June 6, 2011

Anticipating the End.

So...... As tacky, trashy, dumb, idiotic, etc. the Bachelor/Bachelorette is, this season, I AM HOOKED. It is a waste of time in all honesty, but I can't help it.

After tonight's episode, so many things went so incredibly wrong, that I am in total anticipation of the episode, After the Final Rose.... wow.

Our dear ol' Bentley from SLC is a D- BAG to the max! Wow.. I cannot wait for Ashley to watch this whole thing and see his moronic and arrogant personality.

Ok that's it.



Shauna said...

oh my gosh, so i'm sitting here watching the bachelorette with my fam. i hate to say it, but i'm hooked too. ahh. okay, so glad bentley left. like, looks wise? mc status. but seriously, he was a jerk. glad he left. anyways....i want to be the bachelorette. please abc!

Blake and Aubrei said...

He has to be paid! I am so glad you say this because I have become hooked at my mom's. I was worried cause I know you guys don't like it.... but it looks like I can continue my addiction at your house next week!

willmottfamily said...

I'm addicted too and so our 2 of Wade's sisters. I think Wade is too even tho he won't admit it but he watches it with me. :) I was telling him last night I wonder what Ashley is saying watching this back. I think Bentley is a dirt bag too. Loves--

Madison Beyers said...

I can't decide if he is being paid to do all that jazz or not... regardless, he is still an idiot if he is...

Aubs.. you can FO SHO watch it next week, even though i wont be here.

And Shauna.. I'll submit you. most def. And ya.. he is MC.. like a lot. =)

Rachies.. tell wade to come to grips with it and express himself! hahaha <3

EBERT said...

I love that you love it. PS. I have successfully gotten my entire family hooked on it, my dad being the only exception.