Sunday, June 19, 2011

I wanna go back!

This happens to be another post relating back to the Bachelorette... however this time it has nothing to do with the contestants or the show. Only to do with the fact that they are in Thailand!!!

I went to Thailand in the 7th grade to visit my sister who was living there at the time and I WANT TO GO BACK! It is such a beautiful place and I would love nothing more than to go back at an older age and truly be able to appreciate all of the wonderful experiences that it has to offer!

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willmottfamily said...

I would love to go with you! Just find me someone who would like to pay for us to go and I think we would have a grand time. I think Whit and Linds should join us to. What a fun girls trip that would be. Can't wait to see you! Loves. ps-I Love the bachelorette too!