Thursday, May 27, 2010

Funny Things That a Child says..

Well my precious nephew Miles is quite the character. He just turned 8, and let's just say he act like a 15 year old. I would guess that is partially due to the fact that he lived with me and my mom for 4 years and that resulted of him hanging out with 18 year olds all the time.

So he went to the doctor today for a tonsil check because he is getting them out next week. The nurse was asking him questions and he was answering them.. a little too liberally. One question went as follows:

Nurse: (walks in holding a cup) Now have you ever peed in a cup before?
Miles: Well... ya.
Nurse: Oh really?
Miles: Ya one time on a vacation we had to stop on the side of the road because there wasn't anywhere to stop so I just peed in the cup.

HA!! I love this child. I love the unplanned and sporadic thoughts that enter their minds. I love the mental lapse and lack of processing before speaking. Kids are great.


natalie said...

hahahahaha..... that is SO funny! love little kids.

Madison Beyers said...

It reminds me of that one time your nephew told your sister to have a lightening mcqueen next time she had a baby! hahah