Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Changed The Name.

Today, as we all know is Father's Day. And as much as I would love for this to be a special holiday in my life, I can't say that it is. It is more of a day full of sadness and painful memories, but I must always remember the people who have been in my life to be Father Figures.

So today I am changing the name of the day to Men's Day. Yep. I am.

Here is to all the men who have had the largest and greatest impact in my life. Here's to my best friends dad who would take me on vacation with them , to my next door neighbor who mowed our lawn, to my Papaw who gave all he had to make sure we made it, to my "godfather" who has provided for me that past 14 years, to my brothers who have been a rock solid foundation throughout life despite pitfalls and times of breaking down, to my mother (even though she isn't a man) who has played every role in the script to keep our family together.
I would like to thank my nephews. It may seem strange but they sometimes show a greater example of fatherhoo
d than the actual parents who surround them.
-Last night my 8 year old nephew saw my mom about to mow the yard and I could see the light in his eyes and he said " Granny, let me mow the yard for you. I like to do it." In his 8 years of life he has learned many important lessons, and it shows through and through. He proceeded to take the lawn mower (which is about twice his size) and meticulously cut the grass. He did a great job. He knew that she shouldn't be doing what is perceived as a "man's job" and wouldn't have it.

As difficult of a holiday as this is for me anyway, this year I have a new perspective. Since my nephews are here with us, I get to see them react to the feelings and emotions that people express about their fathers. Their own father situation is identical to mine and it breaks my heart. I see them retaliate at times and break down at others due to the absence of their dad. I now know how hard it was for the others in my family to see me at that age and it is truly life changing.

Thank you men of the world who do all that you can to show love and kindness to those around you.


Kirsten Nicole said...

You're amazing Madison!

natalie said...

i'm glad you turned something sad and made it happy. :)

you can adopt my dad if you'd like, but you won't be the favorite. that job is already taken! :)