Saturday, June 5, 2010

Looks Like We Made It

Well yesterday was a bitter sweet day. It marked the 14th year of me and my mom and my siblings being on our own. Why bitter sweet you might wonder.... well. Although growing up without a 'man-of-the-house' had been one of the most difficult times of mine and my families life, it has shown us things about ourselves that we would have not learned otherwise. It has taught me that no matter what, if you put hard work, faith, love, and hope into something, you will win. It has taught me how to care for others in ways I never thought imaginable. It has taught me that people are a lot stronger than they think. It has shown me the mercy of the Lord. It has shown me the strength of loved ones. It has shown me to myself.

Although I would never desire to go through this again
in my lifetime, I have learned life lessons that are irreplaceable.

The last, and most important thing that this has taught me is, Sometimes the best example is the one not set. We may look around us and see the good and the bad things, but it is up to us to choose the example we follow, even if it is the one not seen.

Thank you to everyone who has had part in helping my family through the years. You will never know how much you mean to us!

My Family in 1992

My Family Now

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Brooke Shoko said...

great way to look at things- thanks for sharing madison!
awesome pictures. LOVE this family.