Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Perfection in Paradise

So basically today was the most perfect day. Here is a quick rundown.....
[5:00 am] rise and shine, it's fishin' time!
-Pop pop and I went down to the brand new pier in Navarre to do some fishing
[10:00 am] come back to the beach house and head out to the water
-The water was absolutely PERFECT today. Crystal clear for a good 50 yards outs. Now creatures, no nothing. And let us all keep in mind that Madison never, ever, ever, ever gets in the water at the beach. So this was a big deal.
[11:45 am] Lunch
-Cheese dip and chips.... my weakness and favorite.
[12:15 pm] Nap and iPod
-Took a little snooze on the deck in the beautiful sun.
[1:30 pm] Nap on couch
-The sun got a little too blistering so I moved my nap inside.
[3:00 pm] Boogie
-No... unfortunately this isn't dancing time... rather BOOGIE BOARDS BABY!

[5:00 pm] Reading
-I lost myself in my book on the deck, overlooking the beach. ( although I am enjoying my book, I can't get Miley Cyrus out of my mind... she kind of ruined the Last Song for me)
[6:45 pm] Run
-Running at the beach. Now that is something that makes running enjoyable.
[8:00 pm] Crabs
-The nightly ritual of crabbing on the beach. Full of squeeling children and enthusiastic adults!

Now I am about to hit the hay, from an all out perfect day. Thank you Florida, thank you.

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